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Mastery of the Modern Build Process

What makes Rigsby Group so special is our use of the proven R-6 Process™ during the build phase in every project. This comprehensive system allows our team to transform vision into reality, from architecture and design to permitting and finishing.

At the foundation of every successful project is our commitment to direct customer communication. Rigsby Group ensures an open flow of information at every stage, as well as seamless integration of planning and execution for all parties contributing to your project.

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Maximizing Project Value

You worked hard to be able to afford your custom home or remodel, and at Rigsby Group, we know you deserve to enjoy the process.

Our team doesn’t target the cheapest building materials or the lowest effort during construction. We aim for the highest value and reward. You can trust that every dollar of your money is spent wisely by our team, combining an efficient production strategy with an experienced staff to ensure you get the very best when you partner with Rigsby Group.

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What to Expect When Working with Us

  • What to Expect When Working with Us

  • Budget Management
    – Our Goal is to provide you
    a Finished Price at the start

  • Project Schedule with Weekly Updates

  • Project Safety

  • Around the Clock Project Information